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My Current Passion Project

This is my current passion project. Although it has been about a month since I have had time to play around with it and it is very much still in early stages of development. I plan to make this a life project. The concept is that it will be (I suppose is really) a web application that will allow users the ability to “pre-arrange” their furniture before doing things like: purchasing furniture, going to look at an apartment/house, re-arranging their homes.

Basically, as a user you will be able to grab the dimensions of a potential apartment off their website and you’ll then be able to enter the dimensions into my web application. The apartment will appear to scale and as you add your furniture (and its dimensions) to the application, each piece will scale to size as well. You will then be able to arrange, rotate, destroy, etc. your furniture to see if it will fit and how things can be positioned to fit. This way you waste no money on purchasing furniture that is too big, waste no effort checking out at apartment that is too small, and throw out no backs moving around furniture just to realize that your new floor plan won’t work.

Although it doesn’t look like much right now, I have many great plans for this web application that I think will make it user friendly and applicable to most any situation.

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