Title Description
This is a story of a young "orphaned" girl who has no one but her teddy bear "Albert" to keep her company. Written in about 2011, this is one of the many children stories and/or Novellas that I have written.
This is a sestina poem. It was actually done as a class project in my creative writing class which I took in grade 11. I really enjoyed this style of poem, it’s a really cool idea and people have done some really neat things with it!
This was done fairly recently in 2015. It is a short story set in a mythical period about a young maid who , while cleaning a chaple for a wedding, dreams of one day meeting her own prince. The stroy ends in a terrible twist of fate.
This was writting around the same time as "Prince". It is a different take on "Prince" set from an outside perspective. It sheds some light on the curious circumstances of "Prince".
This is a take on the style of the Shakespearean Sonnet. I wrote this for a class assignment in 2014 and was quite happy with how it turned out.
Script writing is something I attempted during my english major at Algoma University. Here is one of the few that I wrote in 2015 about a plane wreck that may or may not have actually occured as we follow an interesting array of seemingly mentally unstable characters stranded or perhaps imprisoned on an island.
This is a fairly long story written throughout 2010 and 2011 about a young highschool student who is kidnapped by a strange man on her prom night. What she endures during her entrappment is seemingly unnatural to the point of supernatural.
This is a satirical monologue which I wrote for a drama project in 2009. The idea is that there is something more to the individual giving the monologue than what is being spoken. In this case, those listening to the monologue can see that the sppeaker is clearly insane meanwhile the speaker themselves is not aware of this.
This monologue was written for the same project in 2009 for a peer. The speaker believes him or herself to be living in shambles meanwhile the outside persprective can see that the case is quite the opposite.
This was just a fun little poem written back in 2011.